Bonikro Ivory Coast Landsat Time Series Mine Area

Purpose of the presentation
This presentation uses publicly available Landsat imagery to show operation developments over time. Our purpose is to demonstrate the types of land pressures that can develop for operations and for communities in long life projects. In this example, as with other videos in the time series, the waste component in this project is notably significant.

Site context
The video provides Landsat of the project area for the period 1997-2018. This period marks the beginning of the Bonikro Gold Mining project in 2006, in addition to two civil wars in the Cote d'Ivoire, the first in 2002, and the second in 2010. The video depicts major land use changes associate with establishing key infrastructure for the Bonikro mine in which the residents of three villages were displaced. The latter part of the time series shows the development and progressive expansion of the mine pit into the township of Hire.

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