Consortium activities

We are conducting a range of activities under the auspices of the Consortium. The work involves actively building a mining and resettlement database, commissioned studies, and other research activities and collaborations. We continue to publish our outputs in the public domain.

Comparative regulatory analysis: draft under review. One of our primary activities for 2017 was the comparative regulatory analysis, led by Dr Vlado Vivoda. The aim of the study was to analyse the legal mechanisms that governments are using to manage resettlement risks in the mining sector. This paper is currently under review, and will be available in Q3 2017.
Rio Tinto global practitioner workshop. As part of their commitment to the Consortium, Rio Tinto has asked CSRM to convene and facilitate a global workshop on mining and resettlement practice, in August 2017. The aim of the session is to share and document internal knowledge and experience about resettlement from across the company.
Continued work on the MIDR e-Library. The MIDR e-Library serves as an online repository of public mining and resettlement literature. The library is fully searchable, and includes tools for visualisation of its content by country, company, commodity, lifecycle and other key indicators. As we come across materials, we continue to add to the library database.
Scholars symposium on human migration and the global mining industry. The Symposium will be hosted by CSRM in August 2017. It will provide a forum for exchange between international scholars actively publishing at the nexus of resettlement and in-migration. The Symposium will provide the foundation for a special issue in a high ranking peer reviewed journal.
Chairing the Independent Panel of Observers at the Porgera mine. The Panel’s function is to observe project activities associated with the PJV pilot off-lease resettlement project, engage with project stakeholders, and to report on key developments as the company, government and landowner stakeholders attempt to progress the pilot project. The annual monitoring report will be publicly available soon.
Nottingham University collaboration. Consortium funds are supporting the work of a Postdoctoral GIS scholar as part of a small research collaboration with Nottingham University, focused on understanding the relationship between land cover change over life of mine and displacement/resettlement. We will share more information on the progress of this research in the coming months.
Building the global database of resettlement events. We have expanded our database on resettlement events from 41 records to more than 200 records. The purpose of the database is to develop a repository of resettlement cases so that we can benchmark events using key indicators. We are in throes of incorporating the data into the Kumu platform and SPSS. As above, we expect to be in a position to share information soon.

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