When the Dust Settles: Impacts of the Tayan Nuur Iron Ore Mine on Nomadic Herders' Lives in the Gobi Altai Mountains of Mongolia

This report presents the findings of a ‘fact finding mission’ by four civil society organizations about the social and environmental impacts of Tayan Nuur iron ore mine in Mongolia. This report discusses key aspects of displacement/resettlement in Mongolia.
Dugersuren, S., Georgieva, P., Schuit, A., Steinweg, T. and Bacheva-McGrath, F. 2014, When the dust settles: Impacts of the Tayan Nuur iron ore mine on nomadic herders lives in the Gobi Altai mountains of Mongolia CEE Bankwatch Network
Iron Ore
Tayan Nuur Iron ore mine project of Altain Khuder LLC

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