The Landowner Relocation Programme

Chapter 4 describes the challenges and consequences of the relocation of villages to develop the Porgera Gold Mine in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Findings are based on a survey conducted by the author in 1993 that aimed to observe the condition of the relocation houses and understand the changes as a result of relocation. The survey aimed to document women's perspectives in particular.
Bonnell, S. 1998, The landowner relocation programme, in: Filer, C. (ed.) “Dilemmas of Development: The Social and Economic Impact of the Porgera Gold Mine, 1989-1994”, Asia Pacific Press and Resource Management in Asia-Pacific (Australian National University): Canberra, National Research Institute (Papua New Guinea): Boroko.
Porgera Joint Venture
Papua New Guinea
Book Chapter

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