Impoverishment Risks, Risk Management, and Reconstruction: A Model of Population Displacement and Resettlement

Michael Cernea presents a theoretical model for involuntary resettlement that highlights the intrinsic risks that cause impoverishment through displacement. The purpose of the model is two-fold: (a) to explain what happens during forced displacements, and (b) to create a theoretical and safeguarding tool capable of guiding policy, planning, and actual development programs to counteract these adverse effects. While this paper is not mining-specific, it is a key piece in the displacement and resettlement literature.
Cernea, M.M. 2004, Impoverishment risks, risk management, and reconstruction: A Model of population displacement and resettlement. Presented at UN Symposium on Hydropower and Sustainable Development, 27 to 29 October: Beijing, China.
Conference Paper

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