CSRM’s Mining and Resettlement Initiative Launches Occasional Paper Series

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The paper, written by Sharon Flynn (formerly Rio Tinto Minera Peru) and Liz Vergara, describes how RTMP’s La Granja Project sought to align the project schedule with a responsible approach to land access. “One of the critical challenges for mining development projects is securing consent from local communities for future land access, while minimizing community exposure to business uncertainty,” said Flynn. “Achieving consensual land access and successful livelihoods transition requires long time frames and deep engagement between the company and the community”. This first Occasional Paper offers rare and detailed insight into issues of mining and resettlement from the perspective of two senior and highly experienced industry practitioners. In their paper, Flynn and Vergara chronicle the preparatory steps that Rio Tinto underwent at their La Granja project in Peru, ahead of project approval.

CSRM’s Mining and Resettlement initiative commenced in 2014 with the objective of generating opportunities for collaborative and improvement-orientated research. The initiative is supported by an active team of researchers, Alumni and industry advisors.

A number of other Occasional Papers will be published throughout 2015. The series is being edited by Dr John Owen and Associate Professor Deanna Kemp. Submissions from practitioners, scholars, advocates and students are welcome. See Submission Guidelines here.

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